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We Are:
The members of the Rotary club Of Ahmedabad, Prahladnagar and all the 21 Rotary Clubs of Ahmedabad city with its 1700 members. Rotary is an international organization since 1905 to provide service above self and promote community leaders.

Jointly in Association with …
The Health Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), who will help and guide the program for its successful implementation. AMC is doing all out efforts to keep city clean but still things can get better with the involvement of the residents.

With the help of city loving People:
Inviting the residents of the city to adopt a street as a volunteer within their reach for supervision and cleaning periodically, and support AMC to achieve a litter and dirt free Ahmedabad. The minimum period for the volunteering will be two years.

Process and Application:
Rotary Club with AMC will invite the residents to volunteer, by adopting a street. He will be signing an application form, Rotary club and AMC will jointly approve his/ her application. He / She will be His name will be displayed on the lane he is adopting.

The Volunteers will be observing the cleanliness of the street by:

  • To see that the appointed sweeper is regular and cleans the street well on day to day basis.
  • To see that who is making the street dirty by throwing garbage and dirt after the sweeper cleans it.
  • To make note of this and intimate the monitoring office about the person /office/institute who makes it dirty again.In no case he/ she will talk directly to them.
  • To create awareness amongst the residents of the streets about keeping it clean and beautiful.
  • To organize monthly cleaning drive with the help of the residents of the street.

Adopt-A-Street encourages local people to volunteer to care for their communities and local environment.

Rotary Clubs of Ahmedabad- Prahladnagar on behalf of All the Rotary Clubs of Ahmedabad will sign a memorandum of understanding for Adopt

A street program.

  • Rotary will invite volunteers from the residents of Ahmedabad.
  • Rotary jointly with the AMC will allocate the street according to the beats divided by the healh dept. one beat to one volunteer. Decision of both the parties for allocation of street will be final. Rotary and AMC both will have a right to reject any application without giving any reason.
  • All three parties will sign an agreement for the adoption of the street for two years minimum. In any adverse circumstances the volunteer will have an option to terminate the agreement. It is a voluntary work and no obligation whotsoever in return is there.
  • Rotary and AMC health dept will jointly monitor the functioning of the program.
  • Rotary and AMC will jointly decide the media partner of the program Print /Radio/TV.
  • Rotary and AMC will jointly try to promote the program in mutual consultation and for the successful implementation.
  • It is to be noted very clearly that the program is to assist AMC in their existing system, and support the AMC for keeping our city Clean Green and make it more Beautiful.
  • Rotary and AMC will jointly try to see that all the volunteers gets the training under civil defense program.
  • Rotary will form a charitable trust and will try to generate funds for the program, AMC will in turn help to make the program more result oriented.


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